Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Making Handmade

Handmade, short and sweet, but I think it says it all.  It's more than just a description, its a lifestyle.  

I am one of those, for whom creating is more than just a hobby, it has become a need.  A need which intensified after having children.  Not everyone feels the desire to get their hands dirty, but I do; and I know that I'm not alone.  After having my first child, I desperately looked for a way to stay home with her, and contribute to our income, while using my creativity, but it couldn't be found. Over the last four years I have developed an idea for a store.  A place where people who love to create, our paired with those who appreciate the creations of others.  And Handmade was born. Or I guess I should say that it is in the process of being born.  

We have a small store in Lamar, Missouri.  My mom owns an embroidery store, and we have turned half of it into a retail shop for creative consignments.  Artisans and crafters may bring in their creations, and upon approval, we will sell the item in the store.  We charge a commission of 30%, but if you don't sell anything you don't owe anything.  Eventually, we will have an area where artisans can have classes on demonstrating how to make their product.  They get to keep the profit from the tuition, after paying a small rental fee.

My hope is that anyone who feels the desire to create will have a market to sell their goods.  And I hope that anyone who is considering staying home with their children, will find a way to do so through our store.  

Please take time to check out some of our current artisans blogs, listed on the right.

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